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Revenue Talati Syllabus 2018 Syllabus

Revenue Talati Syllabus 2018 Syllabus 

Revenue Talati Syllabus 2018 Syllabus and Marks
Gujarati Language – Marks: 15
Gujarati Grammar/Vyakaran – Marks: 15
Math (Ank Ganit) – Marks: 15

English Grammar – Marks: 15
General Knowledge and Intelligence test – Marks: 40
Total Marks: 100
Time: 1 Hour (60 Minutes)

Material for Talati and Revenue Talati Mantri Exam
Current Affairs in Gujarati   
Daily20 GK (Most imp Question For both Talati Exam) 

Gujarat Culture and Geography
Gujarati Grammer/Vyakaran
General Math’s 

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