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A country’s democracy may be healthy only when the Parliamentary and State Assembly elections are held in a free and fair manner. The elector should be free to cast his vote in favour of a candidate of his choice. Not only this but also it is the precondition for conduct of clean elections, that a real voter only may exercise his franchise and nobody make a bogus voting in name of other person. This issue from time to time has been discussed in the Parliament, since long and not only that, but in 1958, by passing the 61st amendment in the R.P. Act, 1951, a special provision was made to the effect that a provision shall be made by framing required rules to use Electors’ Photo Identity Cards for the identity of electors with a view to preventing bogus voting during elections

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In Electoral System and procedure it is essential to know the different meanings of the people, the citizen and the voters. All the people residing in the State can be called people. Out of these people the persons who are entitled for citizenship under related laws are the citizens of nation and out of these citizens who have right to cast their vote under the election laws are called the electors or voters.

            In a democratic system the voter is of greater importance. In 1950 our country has become republican and simultaneously we have accepted in our constitution the adult franchise. In the beginning we considered the citizens of an age of 21 years and above as the adults and gave franchise to them. Thereafter in 1988 the age of voter was reduced to 18 years from 21 years by 62nd constitutional amendment. In our constitution, we have made provision for adult's franchise. We have conducted 15 General Elections to Parliament beginning with the first election in 1952 on the basis of adult's franchise. The citizens, whose names are registered as electors in the electoral rolls have the right to vote and those can cast their vote in elections. Thus the right to vote can be exercised by a person only if his name is registered in the electoral roll. In view of this the electoral roll is an important document for the purpose of elections. It is important that such document is prepared with utmost care so that no body is abstained from his franchise and he can exercise it for the State administration

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