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Important Computer questions for Bin sachivalay clerk

Important Computer questions for Bin sachivalay clerk

1. WWW stands for 

  1. World Whole Web
  2. Wide World Web
  3. Web World Wide
  4. World Wide Web

2. Which of the following are components of Central Processing Unit (CPU) ?

  1. Arithmetic logic unit, Mouse
  2. Arithmetic logic unit, Control unit
  3. Arithmetic logic unit, Integrated Circuits
  4. Control Unit, Monitor 

    3. Which among following first generation of computers had ?

    1. Vaccum Tubes and Magnetic Drum
    2. Integrated Circuits
    3. Magnetic Tape and Transistors
    4. All of above

    4. Where is RAM located ?

    1. Expansion Board
    2. External Drive
    3. Mother Board
    4. All of above

    5. If a computer has more than one processor then it is known as ?

    1. Uniprocess
    2. Multiprocessor
    3. Multithreaded
    4. Multiprogramming

    6. If a computer provides database services to other, then it will be known as ?

    1. Web server
    2. Application server
    3. Database server
    4. FTP server

    7. Full form of URL is ?

    1. Uniform Resource Locator
    2. Uniform Resource Link
    3. Uniform Registered Link
    4. Unified Resource Link

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