Chart of All Tenses

A.V. STF"qwho
P.V. કર્મ What-by – whom
Simple Present Tense
always/ everyday, ever week, every year, sometimes, usually, generally, often, a seldom, at noon, at night, in the evening, mostly, ;tI ;GFTG
CSFZ      D]PlS|P /D]PlSPs/es
GSFZ      do/does notD]PlSP
5|`GFY"    Wh XaN + do/does + STF" +D]PlSP
Am/is/are + lS|P5P E}TS'NgT
- I write a letter.
- A letter is written by me.
- I don’t write a letter
- He speaks English?
- Does he speakEnglish?
Present continuous Tense
Look, see, watch, hear, listen, run, hears keep, silence, stop, observe, now, nowadays, these days, this moment, at present at this moment.
am/ is/ are lS|P5N ing
am/ is/ are + being +lS|P5PG]\ E}TS'NgT
- Rakesh is writing a letter.
- A letter is being written by Rakesh.
5}6" JT"DFG SF/
Present perfect Tense
Just, just now, ever, never, yet, still, already, recently, totally, completely, since, for, so far, by now
have/ has + lSP5PG]\ E}TS'NT
have/has+ been +lS|IF5NG]\ E]TS'NtG
- They have playedchess.
- Heena has written a poem.
- A poem has been written by Heena.
RF,]5}6 JT"DFG SF/
Present perfect Continuous Tense
Since, for, since when, how long
have/ has + been +lS|P5NG]\ ing
- They have been playing chess.
Simple past Tense
Yesterday, ago, previous, las day/ week, oneday, once, before a week, in 1947, that year
CSFZ      lSP5NG]\ E}TSF/
GSFZ     did+not+D]PlSP
Did+STF" +D]PlSP
was/ were + lS|P5NG]\ E}TS'NtG
- I wrote a letter.
- A letter was written by me.
- I did not write a letter.
- Did I write a letter?
Past Continuous Tense
When, while, as, then, at that time, at this time yesterday
was/ were  lS|P5NG[ing
was/ were + being +lS|P5NG]\ E]TS'NtG
- Mr. Sanjay was teaching English.
- English was being taught by Mr. Sanjay.
5}6” E}TSF/
Past Perfect Tense
before, after, when, ago, if
had+ lSP5NG]\ E]TS'NtG
had+ been+ lS|P5NG]\ E]TS'NtG
They had finished it before I reached.
RF,] 5}6” E}TSF/
since, for, since when, how long
had+ been+ lS|P5NG]\ing
- They had been playingchess.
Simple Future Tense
tomorrow, the following, next day after tomorrow
shall/ will + D]bI lS|IF5N
shall/ will+ be+lS|P5NG]\ E]TS'NtG
- I will send a message.
- A message will be sentby me.
Future Perfect Tense
by the end of ;DI ;]RS XaNM4
by the next, before the next, by 5.00 o’clock
shall/ will + have+lS|P5PG]\ E]TS'NtG
shall/ will + have+ been+
lS|P5NG]\ E}TS'NtG
- I will have finished it by the end of this month.
Simple modal Auxi
can, could, may, might, shall, should will, would must, dare, ought
;PlS|P+ D]PlS|P
have+ lS|P5NG]\ E]TS'NtG
;CFPlS|IF5N + have+ been+ lS|IF5NG]\ E]TS'NtG
- I can speak English
- English can be spokenby me.
5}6" ;CF lS|IF5N
Perfect modal auxi
-If  STF"  had
- Had STF" V3
_ unless had
- guess, think, assume
;PlS|P+have+ lS|P5NG]\ E]TS'NtG
;CFPlS|IF5N + have+ been+ lS|IF5NG]\ E]TS'NtG
- If the doctor had come earlier, he could have saved the patient
get G]\ SF/ D]HA ~5 + STF"+ to JF/] lS|P5P
get G]\ SF/ ~5+ SD" +lS|P5PG]\ E]TS'NgT
- I got my peon to postthe letter.
- I got the letter postedby my peon.
Have G]\ SF/~5 + STF" +to   lJGFG]\ lS|P5P
Have G]\ SF/~5 + SD""  +lS|P5PG]\ E]TS'NgT
- I had a driver drivenmy car
Make G]\ SF/~5 + STF" +to   lJGFG]\ lS|P5P
Make G]\ SF/~5 + STF"  +to  lJGFG]\ lS|P5P
- I make him stand in the class.
Used to
used to + D]bI lS|IF5N
used to be v3
- I used to wake up early.
to be used to
to be used to + lS|5G[ing.
- He is used to writing in English.
Present participle
v BFPHP 5C[,FPreposition on, with, without, before, after when whole, busy
start, stop, see, find
lS|IF5NG[ ing
being +  lS|IF5NG]\ E]TS'NgT
- I watched him doing it.
 Seeing is belief.
;F{ 5|YD BFPHP have+lS|IF5N
Having + lS|P5NG]\ E]TS'NgT
Having finished it, I went to school.
v5|YD lS|IF5N 5KL4 ALH] lS|IF5N
v BFPHP 5C[,Fhappy,ready, eager, enough, too
-it is/ was
to + D]PlS|P
to+be+ lS|5NG]\ E]TS'NgT
- I am happy to see it.
- I wanted to do it.

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